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Your guide to industrial rope access training

Many industries require work to be completed at significant heights. Traditional methods like scaffolding or cranes can be expensive, time-consuming, or simply impractical for certain tasks. This is where industrial rope access comes in. IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) International is recognised as a world leader when it comes to industrial rope access training. […]

A complete guide to the IRATA rope access course

A close-up pic of a male rope access professional, using a working safety device descender on static twin ropes to abseil. With the right training and experience, rope access technicians can expect to find work in a variety of settings and earn competitive salaries. Although there are several training providers worldwide, the IRATA rope access course is the most widely accepted and highly regarded qualification for those seeking to enter the industry.  In this blog post, […]

Essential skills you can gain from a GWO sea survival course

Boat crew preparing Fast Rescue Boat (FRC) for launching from a ship. FRC is used in search and rescue missions and man-overboard situations. The Global Wind Organisation’s (GWO) Sea Survival course is one element of the training provider’s internationally recognised course portfolio, which sets the standard for training in the global wind energy and renewables industry.  It is designed to give delegates the basic skills and knowledge needed to make the correct safety decisions in offshore operations to […]

Key considerations when choosing a GWO training provider

Two technicians working on a wind turbine field. With the global wind industry’s workforce expanding at a rapid pace, it is essential to ensure the competency and safety of those who work within the sector. This can be accomplished by ensuring that all technicians in the industry are trained by a qualified, experienced GWO training provider. The GWO, or Global Wind Organisation, training […]

The importance of GWO training in the wind industry

Wind turbine on the green grass over the blue clouded sky. The first step to any career in the wind industry is ensuring that you have the required qualifications that all employers look for. One necessary qualification to enter the industry is a GWO training certificate.  In this blog post, we will explore GWO training programmes in greater detail and explain the benefits of having this […]